And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:  Mark 1:38
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Welcome    and    Greetings    to    the    “Gospel    Station    on    Wheels”    website.    We    will    be continually updating this site. It is our desire to be a blessing to everyone we can. Well,   what   is   this   Gospel   Station   on   Wheels   all   about.   In   a   way   the   Gospel   Station concept   is   similar   to   a   “First Aid   Station”   but,   where   people   can   come   and   hear   the   Gospel of   Christ,   repent   and   call   upon   thee   name   of   the   Lord   Jesus   Christ   for   Salvation.      We   will be   giving   away   John   &   Romans,   Gospel   Tracts,   preaching   CD’s   &   DVD’s,   and   etc.   and doing open air preaching and singing. It   is   our   desire   to   take   the   glorious   Gospel   of   Jesus   Christ   to   “the   next   towns”   across the   State   of   Maine   and   beyond.      Here   in   Maine,   many   towns   do   not   have   a   Bible   Believing Church in their area to go to. In   Romans   10:1-4,   Paul   writes,   “Brethren,   my   heart's   desire   and   prayer   to   God   for Israel   is,   that   they   might   be   saved.   For   I   bear   them   record   that   they   have   a   zeal   of   God,   but not   according   to   knowledge .   For   they   being   ignorant   of   God's   righteousness,   and   going about    to    establish    their    own    righteousness ,    have    not    submitted    themselves    unto    the righteousness   of   God.   For   Christ   is   the   end   of   the   law   for   righteousness   to   every   one   that believeth.” Our   desire   and   prayer   for   our   own   people,   the   people   of   Maine,   is   that   they   might   be saved. Please pray for us as we try to reach them.