And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:  Mark 1:38
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March 9th - for Fort Fairfield, Maine Mission Accomplished - 1061 Packets were delivered in Fort Fairfield on March 9th 2013. We had planned to distribute about 800 packets in downtown Fort Fairfield on Saturday, March the 2nd but the weather did not permit us to do so. The packets include John & Romans, the Tract, “Where will you spend Eternity?”, another tract “The Blood” and the 3rd tract, “Unquenchable Fire.         As of the census of 2000, there were 3,579 people, 1,523 households, and 1,015 families residing in the town of Fort Fairfield and there were 1,600 people, 758 households, and 432 families residing in the downtown area. If you are interested and want to come and help us, call Pastor David Ireland on the Gospel Station phone, at 343-1864. If you are up there on Saturday - we may just see you there then.
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Thank   You!!!    Bearing   Precious   Seed   of   Lansing,   Michigan,   (a   ministry   of   Parker   Memorial   Baptist Church,   Dr.   D.L.   Green,   is   the   good   Pastor)   and   Director   of   the   Lansing   Bearing   Precious   Seed   ministry,   Bro. Dennis   Deneau,   for   providing   us   with   thousands   of   John   &   Romans,      and   to   Bro,   Jerry   Walsh   and   Calvary Hill   Baptist   Press   in   South   Carolina   for   providing   us   with   5000   tracts   for   Caribou.      The   first   shipment included 2500 each of  their tracts “ Unquenchable Fire ” and “ The Blood  to give to the people of Maine.