Dear   friend,   this   is   perhaps   one   of   the   most   important   questions   you   could   ever   consider.   Why? Because   God   created   you   to   live   forever,   and   you   will   spend   eternity,   either   with   Him   or   in   a   place   of eternal   torment.   Perhaps   you   may   be   wondering   if   you   can   know   for   sure,   where   you   will   spend eternity.   This   little   tract   is   written   to   help   you   answer   that   question,   so   you   can   know   for   sure where you will go when you die. In   order   for   us   to   know   anything   for   sure,   we   must   have   a   final   word,   a   Final   Authority.    Take Hell    for   instance.      A   person   could   say,   “I   believe   hell   is   a   real   place   of   torment.”    Another   could   say, “But   I   don’t   believe   there   is   such   a   place,”    and   yet   a   third   person   could   shout   out,   “Sure,   I   believe   in hell,   this   is   hell   right   here   where   we   are   living   now!”      Without   a   Final   Authority,   we   are   left   for   now, with   the   opinions   of   men   who   often   disagree   and   surely   do   not   know   everything.   In   the   Bible,    Jesus said   in    Luke   16:22-23,“…   the   rich   man   also   died,   and   was   buried;   And   in   hell   he   lifted   up   his   eyes, being in torments …” Is there a Final Authority? There    sure    is,    God    Himself    has    given    it    to    us.     What    He    says    or    has    said    is    sure,    certain, unchangeable,   absolute,   and   permanent.   God   has   chosen   to   provide   us   with   a   written   word    from Him   which   will   never   change.   It   is   called   both   the   Holy   Scriptures   and   the   Word   of   God!   For   English speaking    people,    it    is    the    Authorized    King    James    Version    of    1611    (KJV).    Most    modern    Bibles compare   their   translations   to   the   KJV   so   people   will   buy   them.   What   they   fail   to   tell   the   buyer   is, “buyer   beware”   –   the   words   of   their   translations   are   mostly   their   own.   Just   look   inside   the   front cover   and   you   will   find   their   copyright   notice   saying   what   you   can   and   cannot   do   with   the   words ,   of their   so   called   Holy   Bible .   The   KJV   is   God’s   Word   made   up   of   God’s   Words,   and   it   can   not   be copyrighted by anyone. Three   times   in   the   Bible   God   says   not   to   add   to    or   take   away   from    His   words ,   and   what   the consequences   would   be   for   anyone   who   does .   In   Revelation   22:   18   &   19,   God   says,   “For   I   testify   unto every   man   that   heareth   the   words    of   the   prophecy   of   this   book,   If   any   man   shall   add   unto   these things,   God   shall   add   unto   him    the   plagues   that   are   written   in   this   book:      And   if   any   man   shall   take away    from   the   words    of   the   book   of   this   prophecy,   God   shall   take   away   his   part    out   of   the   book   of life ,   and   out   of   the   holy   city,   and   from   the   things   which   are   written   in   this   book.”      Just   two   chapters earlier   in   Rev.   20:14-15,   God   had   said,   “And   death   and   hell   were   cast   into   the   lake   of   fire.   This   is   the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life  was cast into the lake of fire.” I   trust   you   can   see   from   these   verses,    that   when   a   person   takes   away   from   God’s   Words,   God takes   away   his   part    (their   name)   out   of   the   Book   of   Life ,   and   they   will   be   cast   into   the   Lake   of   Fire. That   is   the   #   1   reason   why   we   stay   with   the   KJV.      Reason   #   2,   we   want   to   know   what   God   did   say, rather   than   what   some   modern   day   scholars   or   translators   think   he   should   have   said.   Many   today say   something   like,   use   the   New   International   Version   (NIV)    or   the   New   King   James   (NKJV) because   they   are   easier   to   understand.”      What   they   fail   to   tell   you   is   that   the   NKJV   is   not   a   King James   Bible   at   all,   it   is   a   counterfeit,   with   over   24,000   words    less   just   for   starters.   The   NIV   is   worse yet   with   over   64,000    words    less,   including   16   complete   verses    like   Matthew   18:11   &   Acts   8:37,   which are     taken     away .     If     you     desire     to     know     more     about     this,     please     visit     our     website     at: for many articles & links.     Look   at   what   God   says   about   His   Words   in   these   verses.   (2   Timothy   3:16),   All   scripture    is   given by   inspiration   of   God   …”   (2   Peter   1:20-21),   “Knowing   this   first,   that   no   prophecy   of   the   scripture   is of   any   private   interpretation.   For   the   prophecy   came   not   in   old   time   by   the   will   of   man:   but   holy men   of   God    spake   as   they   were   moved   by   the   Holy   Ghost .”   Psalm   119:89   says,   “For   ever,   O   LORD, thy   word   is   settled   in   heaven.”   In   Psalm   12:6-7,   the   Bible   says,   “The   words   of   the   LORD   are    pure words :   as    silver   tried   in   a   furnace   of   earth,   purified   seven   times .   Thou   shalt   keep   them ,   O   LORD, thou   shalt   preserve   them    from   this   generation   for   ever. ”   Furthermore,      the   Bible   says   in   Psalm 138:2, “… for thou hast magnified   thy word   above all thy name . Friend,   God’s   Word    is   very   sure .   You    can   count   on   it.   It   is   forever   settled.   It   does   not   change.   If you   have   understood   our   reasoning   up   to   this   point,   you   can   see   why   a   Bible   that   has   been   changed is   worthless,   and   can   not   be   considered   a   final   authority   of   any   kind.   Most   of   the   100   plus   English Bibles   have   “Holy   Bible”   on   the   front   cover   to   make   buyers   think   they   are   buying   God‘s   Word.   The King   James   Version   is   the   Word   of   God   without   error,   and   it   has   been   His   Final   Authority   for English   Speaking   people   for   nearly   400   years.      At   this   point    I   hope   you   can   understand   why,   what we   have   to   say   is   not   the   most   important   thing,   but   rather,   what   does   God   Himself   say   in   His   Word?     I   will   now   list   several   verses   from   God’s   Word,   which   can   help   you   know   for   sure    how   to   be   prepared for the hereafter, for Eternity. The Word (Jesus Christ) is God! (Genesis   1:1),   “In   the   beginning   God   created   the   heaven   and   the   earth.”   (John   1:1),   In   the beginning    was   the   Word ,   and   the   Word   was   with   God ,   and   the   Word   was   God .”   (John   1:3),   All things    were   made   by   him ;   and   without   him   was   not   any   thing   made   that   was   made.”   (John   1:10), He   was   in   the   world ,   and   the   world   was   made   by   him ,   and   the   world   knew   him   not.”   (John 1:14),“And   the   Word   was   made   flesh ,   and   dwelt   among   us ,   (and   we   beheld   his   glory,   the   glory   as   of the   only   begotten   of   the   Father,)   full   of   grace   and   truth.”   In   Matthew   28:19   Jesus   said ,   “Go   ye therefore,   and   teach   all   nations,   baptizing   them   in   the   name   of   the   Father ,   and   of   the   Son ,   and   of   the Holy   Ghost :”   Again,   in   Mark   16:15-16   Jesus   said,“…Go   ye   into   all   the   world,   and   preach   the   gospel   to every   creature.      He   that   believeth   and   is   baptized   shall   be   saved;   but   he   that   believeth   not   shall   be damned. ”      (John   20:30-31),   “And   many   other   signs   truly   did   Jesus   in   the   presence   of   his   disciples, which   are   not   written   in   this   book:   But   these   are   written ,   that   ye   might   believe    that   Jesus   is   the Christ,   the   Son   of   God;   and   that   believing    ye   might   have   life   through   his   name.”   (John   21:25),   “And there   are   also   many   other   things   which   Jesus   did,   the   which,   if   they   should   be   written   every   one,   I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.” We have Sinned Against God (Romans   3:23),   “For   all   have   sinned    and   come   short   of   the   Glory   of   God.”      (Isaiah   64:6),“But   we are   all   as   an   unclean   thing,   and   all   our   righteousnesses   are   as   filthy   rags ;   …   and   our   iniquities,   like the   wind,   have   taken   us   away.”      (Ezekiel   18:4),   “Behold,   all   souls   are   mine ;   as   the   soul   of   the   father, so   also   the   soul   of   the   son   is   mine:   the   soul   that   sinneth ,   it   shall   die. ”      (1   John   1:8),“If   we   say   that   we have   no   sin,   we   deceive   ourselves,   and   the   truth   is   not   in   us.”      (Romans   6:23),   “For   the   wages   of   sin is   death,   but    the   gift   of   God    is   eternal   life    through   Jesus   Christ   our   Lord.”      (John   1:12),   “But   as   many as   received   him ,   to   them   gave   he   power   to   become   the   sons   of   God ,   even   to   them   that   believe   on   his name :”      (John   3:18),   He   that   believeth   on   him    is   not   condemned :   but   he   that   believeth   not    is condemned   already ,   because   he   hath   not   believed    in   the   name   of   the   only   begotten   Son    of   God.”   (1 John   5:12-13),   “He   that   hath   the   Son    hath   life,   but   he   that   hath   not   the   Son   of   God    hath   not   life. These   things   have   I   written   unto   you   that   believe   on   the   name   of   the   Son   of   God,   that   ye   may   know that ye have eternal life. Prepare to Meet Thy God (Proverbs   14:12),   “There   is   a   way    which   seemeth   right   unto   a   man,   but   the   end   thereof    are   the ways   of   death. ”   (Rom.   14:11-12),“For   it   is   written,   As   I   live,   saith   the   Lord    every   knee   shall   bow   to me ,   and   every   tongue   shall   confess   to   God .   So   then   every   one   of   us   shall   give   an   account   of   himself to   God .”   (Hebrews   9:27),   “And   as   it   is   appointed   unto   men    once   to   die ,   but   after   this    the   judgment: (Rev.   20:11-15),“And   I   saw   a   great   white   throne,   and   him   that   sat   on   it,   from   whose   face   the   earth and   the   heaven   fled   away;   and   there   was   found   no   place   for   them.      And   I   saw   the   dead,   small   and great,   stand   before   God;   and   the   books   were   opened:   and   another   book   was   opened,   which   was   the book   of   life :   and   the   dead   were   judged    out   of   those   things   which   were   written   in   the   books    ...   and they   were   judged   every   man   according   to   their   works.   And   death   and   hell   were   cast   into   the   lake   of fire.    This   is   the   second   death .   And   whosoever   was   not   found   in   the   book   of   life    was   cast   into   the   lake of   fire.”   (Psalm   2:11-12),   “Serve   the   LORD   with   fear,   and   rejoice   with   trembling.   Kiss   the   Son,   lest   he be   angry,   and   ye   perish   from   the   way,   when   his   wrath   is   kindled   but   a   little.   Blessed   are    all   they   that put   their   trust   in   him.”   (Acts      17:30-31),   “…   but   now   commandeth   all   men   every   where   to   repent: Because   he   hath   appointed    a   day ,   in   the   which   he   will   judge   the   world   in   righteousness   by   that    man whom   he   hath   ordained;   whereof   he   hath   given   assurance   unto   all   men,    in   that   he   hath   raised   him from the dead .” Jesus Christ is the Only Saviour   (1   Corinthians   1:18),   “For   the   preaching   of   the    cross    is   to   them   that   perish   foolishness;   but   unto us   which   are   saved   it   is   the   power   of   God.”   (1   Cor.   1:21),   “…   it   pleased   God    by   the   foolishness   of preaching   to   save    them   that   believe.”   (John   3:16),   “For   God    so   loved   the   world,   that   he   gave   his   only begotten   Son ,   that   whosoever   believeth   in   him   should   not   perish ,   but   have   everlasting   life. ”   (Isaiah 53:5),   “But   he   was   wounded   for   our   transgressions,   he   was   bruised   for   our   iniquities:”   (1   Peter   1:18- 19),   “Forasmuch   as   ye   know   that   ye   were   not   redeemed   with   corruptible   things   …   But   with   the precious   blood   of   Christ ,   as   of   a   lamb   without   blemish   and   without   spot:”   (1   Peter   2:22-24),   “Who did   no   sin   ...   Who   his   own   self   bare    our   sins    in   his   own   body   on   the   tree,   that   we,   being   dead   to   sins, should   live   unto   righteousness:   by   whose   stripes   ye   were   healed.”   (Titus   3:5),   “Not   by   works   of righteousness   which   we   have   done,   but   according   to   his   mercy   he   saved   us.”   (Acts   4:12),   “Neither   is there   salvation   in   any   other:   for   there   is   none   other   name    under   heaven   given    among   men,   whereby we   must   be   saved .”   (John   14:6),   “Jesus   saith   unto   him,   I   am   the   way,   the   truth,   and   the   life:   no   man cometh unto the Father , but by me .” Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ – Now!   (2   Corinthians   6:2),   “Behold   now    is   the   accepted   time ;   behold   now    is   the   day   of   salvation .”   (Pr. 27:1),   “Boast   not   thyself   of   to   morrow;   for   thou   knowest   not   what   a   day   may   bring   forth.”   (Ro.   10:8- 13),“But   what   sayeth   it?   The   word   is   nigh   thee,   even   in   thy   mouth,   and   in   thy   heart:   that   is,   the   word   of   faith,   which   we   preach ;   That   if   thou   shalt   confess   with   thy   mouth    the   Lord   Jesus ,   and    shalt believe   in   thine   heart    that   God   hath   raised   him   from   the   dead,    thou   shalt   be    saved .   For   with   the heart   man   believeth   unto   righteousness;   and   with   the   mouth   confession   is   made   unto   salvation   ... For   whosoever   shall   call   upon   the   name   of   the   Lord    shall   be   saved.”   In   Jeremiah   33:3,   God   says, Call   unto   me,   and   I   will   answer   thee ,   and   shew   thee   great   and   mighty   things,   which   thou   knowest not.   (Isaiah   55:6),   “Seek   ye   the   LORD   while   he   may   be   found,   call    ye   upon   him   while   he   is   near:” (Isa.   55:7),   “Let   the   wicked   forsake   his   way,   and   the   unrighteous   man   his   thoughts:   and   let   him return   unto   the   LORD,   and   he   will   have   mercy   upon   him;   and   to   our   God,   for   he   will   abundantly pardon.”   (Acts   16:30-31),   “…   Sirs,   what   must   I   do   to   be   saved?      And   they   said,   Believe   on    the   Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved , and thy house.” QUESTION!    Have   you   become   a   Believer   in   Jesus   Christ.   Have   you   begun   to   feel   the   terrible weight   of   your   sin   that   is   upon   you,   and   cried   out   to   Him   like   the   man   did   in   Luke   18:13?,   “And   the publican,   standing   afar   off,   would   not   lift   up   so   much   as   his   eyes   unto   heaven,   but   smote   upon   his breast,   saying,   God   be   merciful   to   me   a   sinner.   I   tell   you,   this   man   went   down   to   his   house   justified …”   (Hebrews   11:6)   says,   “But   without   faith    it   is   impossible   to   please   him:    for   he   that   cometh   to   God must   believe    that   he   is ,   and   that   he   is    a   rewarder   of   them   that   diligently   seek   him .   My   friend,   seek Him    until   you   find   Him.   Take   God    at   His   Word    and   become   a   Believer   right   now,   today,   like   God says,   before   it   is   to   late.   For   further   help,   please   contact   New   Life   Baptist   Church,   2385   Dexter   Road, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine  04426.
Where will you spend Eternity?