And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:  Mark 1:38
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Thank   You!!!    Bearing   Precious   Seed   of   Lansing,   Michigan,   (a   ministry   of   Parker   Memorial   Baptist Church,   Dr.   D.L.   Green,   is   the   good   Pastor)   and   Director   of   the   Lansing   Bearing   Precious   Seed   ministry,   Bro. Dennis   Deneau,   for   providing   us   with   thousands   of   John   &   Romans,      and   to   Bro,   Jerry   Walsh   and   Calvary Hill   Baptist   Press   in   South   Carolina   for   providing   us   with   5000   tracts   for   Caribou.      The   first   shipment included 2500 each of  their tracts “ Unquenchable Fire ” and “ The Blood  to give to the people of Maine.
Caribou   &   Fort   Fairfield    -   nearly 500   Packets   were   delivered    in   the   southern   parts   of   both Caribou   &   Fort   Fairfield   on   May   18th,   2013.   With   the exception   of   a   half   dozen   homes   in   Caribou   -   it’s   done.      It will   take   one   more   trip   up   to   finish   Fort   Fairfield.   The last   two   trips   up   there   have   been   mostly   to   do   the   roads where   you   have   to   drive   to   each   home   and   then   get   out   of the car to do each one. We want to do them all!              With   the   downtown   areas   of   both   Caribou   and   Fort   Fairfield done   earlier,    and   the   northern   parts   of   both   towns   done   near   Limestone   done   as   well,    we   were   hoping   to   finish   these   towns   on the   18th,   and   we   came   up   a   little   short   of   our   goal,   but   got   a   real good work out. It   always   makes   us   sad   when   we   have   someone   who   refuses   to take   the   Scriptures   and   Tracts,   -   for   we   know   where   they   are headed. We   had   a   man   in   one   place   and   a   woman   in   another   who adamently   rejected   hearing   anything   about   God   and   was   angry we   came   to   their   house.   We   pleased   the   Lord   by   going   there because   they   were   both   a   part   of   the   number   he   told   us   to   take the   Gospel   to.   By   most   we   were   well   received,   and   many   thank   us for coming. Thanks   for   praying   for   us!!!    and   continue   to   pray   that   God will    take    the    good    Seed    and    save    some    souls.   As    many    were planting potatoes, we were sowing the seed, the Word of God!