And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:  Mark 1:38
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Greetings    and    welcome    to    the    “Gospel    Station    on    Wheels”    website.    We    will    be continually updating this site. It is our desire to be a blessing to as many of you as possible. Well,   what   is   this   Gospel   Station   on Wheels   all   about? Years   ago   in   the   state   of   Maine,   a new   ministry   came   into   being   called   “Christ   for   the   Lumberjacks.”   A   handful   of   Preachers saw   the   need   in   Maine   to   reach   those   who   spent   most   of   their   time   at   the   lumbercamps   with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Someone needed to reach them with the gospel. Ronald   Campbell,   Bill   Gallant,   Lindy   Putnam,   and   other   Lumberjack   Preachers   opened the   King   James   Bible   with   confidence   and   preached   Christ   Crucified,   Risen,   and   Coming Again, and Salvation through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. With   pulp   trucks,   pickups   and   chain   saws,   everything   changed,   and   the   need   for   that ministry   deminished.   Praise   God   for   those   who   had   a   vision   to   reach   lost   souls   in   the   Maine woods for Christ many years ago. Today,   we   are   faced   with   another   need   of   a   different   kind.   Since   1970,   3500   to   4000 churches   have   closed   their   doors   every   year   in   the   United   States.   It   is   estimated   that   85 percent of the churches are just holding on or declining in membership. Add   to   that   churches   which   years   ago,   were   started   with   and   once   firmly   stood   upon Preaching   the   Authorized   King   James   Version   of   the   Bible,   Singing   the   Old   Hymns   of   the Christian   Faith,   that   have   changed   to   something   new.   They   have   gone   away   from   old fashioned   PREACHING   and   the   OLD   PATHS   to   new   bibles,   contempory   music,   shorter and shorter sermons, skits, concerts, loose living, and etc. Well,   there   are   some   of   us,   who   still   believe   in   the   Old   Paths,   The   Old   Book,   The   Blood, and   The   Blessed   Hope!   We   are   BIBLE   Believers,   we   have   a   Bible   without   error.   We   believe the   King   James   Bible   is   the   Word   of   God   for   English   speaking   people.   Simply   put   we   are trying to practice what the Bible teaches. In   Romans   10:1-4,   Paul   writes,   “Brethren,   my   heart's   desire   and   prayer   to   God   for Israel   is,   that   they   might   be   saved.   For   I   bear   them   record   that   they   have   a   zeal   of   God,   but not   according   to   knowledge .   For   they   being   ignorant   of   God's   righteousness,   and   going about    to    establish    their    own    righteousness ,    have    not    submitted    themselves    unto    the righteousness   of   God.   For   Christ   is   the   end   of   the   law   for   righteousness   to   every   one   that believeth.” to be continued soon